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Shop 1, 5 Conn Street
Yandina, Qld 4561

07 54 467 348
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Shop 1, 5 Conn Street, Yandina, Qld 4561

P: 07 54 467 348

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Specialises in the supply of all ingredients and equipment to support Home Brewers.

We can provide you with Kits for a full range of Spirit and Liqueur Essences, Beers and Stouts.

Home Brewing has now reached a standard and quality where even the inexperienced can enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction of producing high-class product at a small fraction of the cost of normal supply.

Our kits and essences can produce products that would normally retail for around ten times their cost per bottle. And of course, if you're prepared to cellar for longer periods the quality - and therefore the effective cost comparison - improves even further!

Home Brewing Has Come of Age!
No longer is "low-cost" associated with low quality. The latest Beer Kits can turn you into a "Master Brewer" in no time, and high quality Spirit essences produce spirits of outstanding quality. Simply follow the instructions to achieve amazing results.

So ... We are celebrating a whole new image for our business!

To help us do this we have commissioned major changes to our website with much more information and details about the increased range of stock that's now available.

We are now targeting a much larger spirits market and we now have access to boutique beers that will give you great satisfaction to both create as well as drink.

Now you can present fine drinks to your friends that you can be genuinely proud to say are yours - completely!

We supply a wide range of equipment including Stills (Water Purifiers), Kegs, Kegging Equipment, Fermenters, Cappers, and a huge range of spares and consumables such as bottles, corks, seals, and mixing gear etc., etc..

Contact us for help and details.

Please Note - It is illegal to distil alcohol within Australia

Beers and Spirits from around the World!